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Emotional Intelligence has created extraordinary interest both at the general public level as well as at the scientific investigation level. Since the concept introduction in 1990, research on Emotional Intelligence has grown exponentially and scientists and professionals from different subjects all over the world who have been dedicating to this fascinating line of investigation are numerous. The innumerous publications in books and international prestige scientific magazines about this are a proof of this fascinating line of investigation. Read more ...


We invite you to the presentation of works on the following topics

• Theoretical aspects of Emotional Intelligence
• Emotional Intelligence Assessment
• Emotional Intelligence and Education
• Emotional Intelligence in organizations
• Educative experiences related with Emotional Intelligence
• Regulation strategies
• Emotional intelligence and vocation decisions
• Emotional competence
• Emotions
• Positive Psychology
• Education
• Humor in Education
• Relaxation techniques in Education

Welcome Message from the President of the Organization Committee, Dr. António de Almeida Figueiredo

The first Emotional Intelligence and Education International Congress, organized by the Escola Básica Comendador Ângelo de Azevedo in S. Roque – Oliveira de Azeméis, has its first edition on the theme “Investigate and Intervene to Change”.
The main goal of this Congress is to acknowledge the Emotional Intelligence scientific investigation at a global level (research, development, training, implementation, support and assessment) so to as offer resources and educational techniques that can facilitate and promote the emotional, cognitive and social development since early childhood, as a behavior model which embraces school, family and the community.
Through this sharing among investigators and professionals the congress organization intends to improve the qualifications of the teachers and psychologists teams who integrate the CIEE Project, as well as the qualifications of all the professionals whose interest is to better the variables that influence happiness.
We wish S. Roque – Oliveira de Azeméis to be the space for the construction of a knowledge interchange platform in which the exchange of experiences and ideas the ties that make investigation and intervention in Emotional intelligence progress.
The participants will also have the opportunity to visit a region with touristic and cultural tradition, where the landscape and the gastronomy are tempting.
We invite you to this challenge. This project is built with your presence and contribution.

António de Almeida Figueiredo

President of the Organization Committee

Type of Proposals

• Symposium
• Workshop
• Oral Communication
• Posters


  • 31 May: Deadline for submission of proposals for oral communications and posters
  • 11 June: Confirmation of the proposals acceptance
  • 14 June: Deadline for registration with reduced price
  • 18 June: Deadline for Presenting Participants’ registration
  • 22 June: Deadline for full text dispatch
  • 30 June: Last day for registration

First Emotional Intelligence and Education International Congress

Investigate and intervene to change

6 and 7 July 2012

Escola Básica Comendador Ângelo Azevedo, Rua das Sardinheiras, 10, Apartado n.º 60,
3721-904 São Roque – Oliveira de Azeméis. Portugal
Telefone +351 256 870 500;    Fax +351 256 870 509

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